House on quiet lake



Authenticity, compassion, an appropriate humour, warmth, and passion are among the qualities that I bring to the work I do.


What I can offer is a warm, safe and confidential space where if you wish you can explore your concerns, fears and struggles. My approach is a Person Centered one that puts you at the centre of all we do together. 

The therapeutic relationship is central to my work and I believe that every person holds within them the capacity for personal growth.

Angela Eyre

I do not label or diagnose: I don't have a magic wand but I will be with every step of the way as you venture in to new territory in a safe and unhurried way. I trust you to find your own path to new way of being in the world, offering you some signposts and some smiles on the way. 

The way we work will be dependent on what you are comfortable with. 


The help and support - always there always ready to listen i dread to think how i would be without this experience. I feel i couldnt put into words how much these sessions have meant to me. I lost my health, my house, and my father all in the space of one week.


Only this caring person was there for me she did everything she could to help bring me back. I owe this lovely lady so much but i am so grateful and appreciative for all her kindness and her willingness to truely listen to all my concerns and worries.


Thank you